1. I sometimes get caught up with no-bake treats too, but I absolutely love summer fruit! This peach cake looks so delicious, I could easily eat it for breakfast 😉

  2. You can’t go wrong with this combination of ingredients! I have a bunch of peaches I picked up this weekend that I need to use and this cake sounds like a great idea. I probably wouldn’t be able to eat just one piece!

  3. I feel the same way and get carried away with the no bake treats too! This cake is totally worth turning the oven on for though! Love the coconut and peach combo!

    • We are loving rainier cherries at my house- my mom is obsessed and I don’t think she’d let me use them for anything but straight eating if I tried 🙂

  4. this peach cake looks wonderful! i just love baking with stone fruits (everything always turns out so juicy and delicious), so i can imagine how good this cake must have tasted Xx

  5. I hear ya about the oven in the summer…but this one is totally an acceptable reason to turn it on. Those peaches…and the coconut baked right into the cake. Yum!!

  6. I so love a simple tea cake, especially when it involves almonds…and you are perfectly right to feature peaches. Looks gorgeous!

  7. I get it, Medha! I do the same thing.. forget I can bake! And really, I have air conditioning, so if the house gets too hot, I can turn it on. I live in WA state, so it’s pretty mild up here during the Summer. So for the most part, save a few days in August, the A/C is off, even when baking. I made a plum cake last week that was over the top.. next on my radar is peaches! I love them so much. This cake looks delicious and the addition of almond milk and extract bumps the peachy goodness up even more! Delicious work my dear! 😀

  8. Very very envious of your summer peaches around at the moment! The fruit is one of my favourite parts of summer, and it seems so far away when it is rainy and dark at 5pm as I type this in a cold Melbourne winter. Peaches pair so well with almonds too I can imagine how lovely this cake would be – and so healthy too! I really want to start incorporating more olive oil into my baking too <3

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