‘Almost Raw’ Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies

This post was not in the lineup. And if you know me, I have a list or calendar for everything.


But this past weekend I was in West Palm Beach down in Florida and I visited an all-around great coffee shop. It’s called Subculture Coffee, and it’s as hipster as the name suggests. I was pretty excited to see that they had an array of raw vegan cookies, and grabbed a box… 

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Vegan Almond Berry Tartlets

Ever since I can remember my family has rung in the New Year with champagne and pecan bars from a fancy bakery nearby.


As the years passed, we branched out a bit with our dessert options. An eternal chocolate lover, I would often opt for an especially decadent brownie. My father would get a Napoleon pastry. And my mother would always get a fruit tart… 

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